“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a progress. Working together is success.”


Success is a team sport

Il successo è uno sport di squadra.

We are not individuals confined within ourselves, but pieces of something, part of a whole. Partners in life, partners in competition.

Everyone contributes to achieving a dream, our dream. Our goal is to give our best in every situation, aiming for excellence. Fight together, win together.

Success is only a consequence. Being part of a team is a privilege, and making it work is the real success.

Riders and Ambassadors

Cavalieri e Ambassadors

Horse riding is an individual sport, but success cannot be achieved alone. We believe that it is not enough to merely have a team, but rather to be a team. The riders are aware that what is shown in the competition is the result of a great deal of hard work behind the scenes. We select all those who are part of the Scuderia 1918 team, because while talent is important, it is not enough. Our ambassadors are people with sound values, both in the field and in life.



They’re the real stars of this sport: horses. Beautiful, majestic, sensitive. Before being trained, we provide our horses with all the love and care that they could need. We are interested in everything they need and put their well-being above every competition that we aim to win. We pay attention to the relationship that each rider establishes with their horse based on love, respect and trust, aware that if there is no synergy in life, they can't work together in competitions.



Partners are collaborators with whom we share our values and objectives. Together we strive every day to raise the standard of this sport, creating a positive, united and excellent environment in everything we try to achieve.
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Stephex Stables

It all started with a small stable founded in 1986 by Stephan Conter. Growing rapidly, it soon became internationally renowned, so much so that today it trains some of the most famous horses and riders in the world, such as Halifax Van Het Kluizebos and Tobago Z, who, together with Lorenzo De Luca and Daniel Deusser, form part of the Scuderia 1918 team.

It’s a stable that has helped achieve the dreams of many, with which we share values of perseverance and excellence, attempting to raise the standard of this sport.

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Progetto Islander

This association was born in 2012 from an idea from Nicole Berlusconi, with the intent of promoting initiatives aimed at raising awareness against animal abuse.

The project deals with recovering horses in need by caring for them and giving them a new life and, once rehabilitated, by putting them in foster care. The collaboration came about thanks to the charity project “Scuderia 1918 Experience”, a path that focuses on the interest and defence of the weakest: animals and people.

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SGH Stables

Stefano Cesaretto and Giulia Martinengo Marquet founded the SGH stable near the iconic Lake Garda. Together, Giulia and Stefano dedicate a lot of time and energy to the athletic training of the horses and their breeding with absolute respect for their well-being.

This approach is fully in line with the philosophy of Scuderia 1918, which aims to encourage a relationship between horse and rider based on trust, love and respect.

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