“Top horses and excellent riders:
the kind of team we’ve been
dreaming about since 1918”


Every detail matters

Conta ogni dettaglio 2

Value can be seen in the little things. It’s a matter of details. Every detail matters.

Every millimetre that moves the horse’s hoof away from the obstacle counts. Every minute you spend training counts. Every detail that makes you that one in a million counts.

Everybody dreams about it, but few succeed. You can’t put your results down to chance. Excellence is built on detail after detail, the only unit of measurement for success.

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Success is a team sport

Il successo è uno sport di squadra

“No man is an island,” said John Donne. We are not individuals confined within ourselves, but pieces of something, part of a whole.

Partners in life, partners in competition. Everyone contributes to achieving a dream, our dream.

Our goal is to give our best in every situation, aiming for excellence. Fight together, win together. Success is only a consequence. Being part of a team is a privilege, and making it work is the real success.





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