Giulia Martinengo Marquet

Rider & Ambassador



Date of Birth:

06 / 03 / 1979


Show Jumping


Scuderia 1918 Quick&Easy 3, Scuderia 1918 Calle Deluxe, Daytona della Caccia, Hopkins 31, Jotage, Jiamo VDS, Jaguard,Scuderia 1918 Claristo, Cabachine K, Kasall, Cash and Carry


Born and raised in the stables, she’s been riding since she learned to walk. Giulia immediately understood that her passion for riding was too strong to remain just a hobby, so she made it not only her profession, but her whole life.

An elite horsewoman from the Air Force, she founded SGH stables with her husband, Stefano Cesaretto. Giulia is very aware of how important the team is: “When you get a good result, it wasn’t just the rider who did it, but the whole team: groom, technician, farrier, veterinarian, sponsor, home rider, physiotherapist, and it’s this awareness that made her the only female rider to date to win two gold medals at the Italian championships.”

““A strong rider is always an expression of an even stronger team.”

— Giulia Martinengo Marquet

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Meet Giulia Martinengo

Top Results

Winner of IT Championship 2015 and 2018

Official Member of the Italian Team at European Championships at Mannheim, Madrid, Rotterdam