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The Scuderia 1918 press office is responsible for the planning and management of interviews as well as online and offline communication concerning all the company’s sectors. The press office organises and plans press conferences and releases concerning social events, the official launching of new products and the presentation of sporting events.

Requests for interviews 

Requests for interviews must be sent by email ( exclusively by media outlets (tv, radio, press and web) or newspapers that are affiliated with the official association, Those for whom it is possible to present requests to the press office are:

  • Owners
  • Coaches and grooms
  • Top Team Riders
  • Riders of the Team Under 20

Press Material

In the following section press material useful for writing articles is available to be downloaded:

  • Scuderia 1918 Logo in various formats
  • Official images of our Top Team
  • Official Images of the Team Under 20

Should you require anything else please contact the press office at




Scuderia 1918 hosts the Piazza di Siena Metaverse

Scuderia 1918 and FISE (Italian Equestrian Sports Federation)  together under the banner of digital innovation, gamification and new communication frontiers in equestrian sport. At the famous Roman horse show, Scuderia 1918 signs a partnership with the FISE (Italian Equestrian Sports Federation) and Sport e Salute, hosting Piazza di Siena 2022 in its virtual land. It…

Join us in the Piazza di Siena Metaverse

Scuderia 1918 and FISE together on digital innovation, gamification and new communication frontiers in equestrian sports. It is innovative, it is avantgarde in virtual technology and it is continuously evolving. In recent months we have all heard about the Metaverse, but what does that mean nowadays?  Metaverse means a digital world destined to host shared…

Three Scuderia 1918 horses for Alberto Zorzi

Daytona della Caccia (S.I. 2013 – Diamant de Semilly x Caretino) and Hopkins 31 (Westf 2012 – Hogwart x Piano II) will start to compete ridden by Alberto Zorzi as soon as they have had time to get to know one another, alongside Scuderia 1918 Ludvig, bringing to three the number of horses that Scuderia…

Alberto Zorzi and Scuderia 1918: we’re off!

The partnership formed between Scuderia 1918 and Alberto Zorzi, officially formed last February, is now moving onto its next phase with the first Scuderia 1918 horse being delivered to Alberto Zorzi.  Scuderia 1918 Ludvig, a dark bay gelding Holsteiner born in 2014 by Lasino and out of Balea by Legolas, after a period of training…

Kevin McNab and Scuderia 1918: consolidating teamwork 

The grey Lorett, owned by Scuderia 1918, has now joined Kevin McNab’s string of horses.  A Holsteiner gelding born in 2015 by Lenett and out of Doro 36 sired by Quadros 3, Lorett will now start to train and compete as an eventer. The grey 7-year-old will consolidate and strengthen a partnership established a few…

Discover more about Viking’s World Champion Project

Kevin Staut is one of the best and most loved riders in the world and stands out not only for his technical and competitive qualities but for his sensitivity and the bond he establishes with his horses. Last year Kevin and his extraordinary showjumper Scuderia 1918 Viking d’La Rousserie were one of the most popular…

Alberto Zorzi to ride for Scuderia 1918

Alberto Zorzi is now officially a Team Scuderia 1918 rider thereby adding another Italian to a team that now includes the excellence of Italian show jumping. We will therefore be seeing Giulia Martinengo Marquet, Lorenzo De Luca, Piergiorgio Bucci and Alberto Zorzi riding for Scuderia 1918’s colours in shows all over the world, alongside the…

Piergiorgio Bucci joins the ranks of Scuderia 1918’s riders

Scuderia 1918’s team has just become a little more Italian with Piergiorgio Bucci wearing its colours thanks to the partnership created by co-ownership of the outstanding performer stallion Casago. A star in the world of Italian show jumping and also an internationally famous rider, since 2010 Piergiorgio Bucci has been based in Budel, the Netherland,…

Lorenzo De Luca and Scuderia 1918 Highlight W

A new horse for a Team ready to reach for the stars The partnership between Scuderia 1918 and Lorenzo De Luca started in December 2018 when the exceptional performer stallion Halifax van het Kluizebos was bought with the intention of guaranteeing this extraordinary horse and rider combination continuity in their careers at the highest possible…

Scuderia 1918’s Community

Always looking ahead Nowadays technological progress and the digital world embody an opportunity for boundless dissemination and knowledge, allowing millions of people to become part of a new world in which a virtual experience provides support to the real one and allows people to become leading players in the field they are passionate about. If…