The Team U20 of 2021

Investing in the young means investing in the future of equestrian sport and that is what we want to do.  That is why we are offering a unique opportunity chance to become part of Scuderia 1918’s project to deserving young riders who consider their talent a starting point on which to build commitment, passion and team work. This Team consists only of riders under the age of 20 selected by our own experts in this sector.

Discover who has been selected to be part of Scuderia 1918 and Kep Italia’s Under 20 Team for 2021!


Giada Sonzogni

Date of birth: 23/01/2005

Regione: Lombardy

Eleonora Rizzo

Date of birth: 29/11/2002

Region: Piedmont

Giacomo Lanzi

Date of birth: 01/04/2005

Region: Liguria

Rebecca Longo

Date of birth: 22/11/2005

Region: Sicily

Sara Forcella

Date of birth: 27/11/2001

Region: Piemonte

Italians Champions Tour

From July 23rd 2021 this new team series will embrace the whole of Italy from the North to the South with its two different categories: “SPORT” (1.45m) and “GENTLEMEN RIDERS” (1.20m).

The Under 20 Scuderia 1918 – Kep Italia Team will compete in the “GENTLEMEN RIDERS” Class (1.20m).

> 23-25/07 Gorla Minore (1st leg of the Coppa Italia)
> 06-08/08 Atina (2nd leg of the Coppa Italia)
> 20-22/08 Arezzo (3rd leg of the Coppa Italia)
> 03-05/09 Cattolica (4th leg of the Coppa Italia)
> 17-19/09 Busto Arsizio (5th leg of the Coppa Italia)
> 08-10/10 Militello in Val di Catania (6th leg of the Coppa Italia)
> 22-24/10 Abbasanta (7th leg of the Coppa Italia)
> 04-06/11 Jumping Verona (Final Event sponsored by Fieracavalli)


Candidates for 2022!