Scuderia 1918’s Team U20

Investing in the young means investing in the future of equestrian sport and that is what we want to do.  That is why we are offering a unique opportunity chance to become part of Scuderia 1918’s project to deserving young riders who consider their talent a starting point on which to build commitment, passion and team work.

Joining the Under20 Scuderia 1918’s Team means being part of a mentoring course and enjoying unique experiences with our top riders during the year.



Discover the Team U20 2022


Lea Djelmic

Emanuele Giordanetti

Mattia Marras

Sveva Smiroldo

Lucrezia Pozzi

Beatrice Verdina

Angela Zoccarato


Gregorio Fumagalli

Giulia Nicastri

Carlotta Sacchetti

Team U20 2023 highlights

Team U20 2021/2022 highlights