Scuderia 1918: the Genesis

The Dream

It is a promise, a deal, a handshake. To be allied is to have a single creed and to combine one’s energies to bring out the engine that unites those who ally: passion.

This what a ‘Dream Team’ is made of, which walks a path in sports, teaches in its actions the value of discipline, the importance of tenacity, promotes friendship and social inclusion, educates autonomy and responsibility, induces courage and belief in oneself, and conveys the fundamental values of respect, loyalty, moral integrity and, to close the circle, universal love.

From Dream to Reality: the Brand

It all begins on October 16, 2017, on an autumn rainy afternoon spent doodling logo proofs for this new dream.

As in the best stories, Chance is often the friend of creativity, and it was by chance that the two Founders of Scuderia 1918, Emanuele and Maria Anchisi, began flipping through the book “Equus Frenatus. Morsi dalla collezione Giannelli,” and came across a mouthpiece that sparked their imaginations.

Exceptional and rare Sino-Tibetan iron jointed fillet with gilt inlay and animal protomes, possibly “makara,” mythological sea monster (29 x 17 cm), 14th-16th century.

The tails of the Scuderia “S” thus become two horse heads, majestic and ready for action.

Original sketches of the creation of Scuderia 1918’s logo

Final logo design

All that was missing was color. In the equestrian world, which is dominated by classic hues such as blue, black, beige, and gray, a color was needed that would convey elegance, yes, but also be innovative and become iconic. That is why “Teal”, a color that can be created by mixing cyan into a green base, was chosen.

The first recorded use of “teal” as a color name in English was in 1917.

So combining our made-in-Italy roots (“Scuderia,” as in the historical and successful Scuderia Ferrari, a symbol of Italian sporting excellence in the world) and the innovative spirit that characterizes every decision of the Team, Scuderia 1918 was born (changing the last digit of the historical date linked to the color to make the name more “musical”).

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