Scuderia 1918 U20 Team: “The welfare of the horse” with Dr. Emanuela Valle

Massazza, Italy – Saturday 21th October 2023.

Among the skills that a professional Rider must assimilate is surely the management and protection of the welfare of their horses. Although every Top Rider has their own farrier, veterinarian, osteopath and various trusted professionals, it is still essential to have some knowledge of the needs of the animal with whom you are doing the sport, both to avoid injury and improve performance, and (most importantly) out of respect for the horse.

With this in mind, on Saturday, Oct. 21, the members of Scuderia 1918’s Team Under 20 – sponsored by Kep Italia, Sergio Grasso and Venieri – had the opportunity to learn more about some fundamental aspects on the correct management of the sport horse with Dr. Emanuela Valle, professor at the Department of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Turin.

The topics covered

The topics covered were: the horse’s eyesight, the signals the horse gives us when it is in distress, how to recognize an underweight or overweight horse, and more.

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