Scuderia 1918: the Dream Team.

It is a promise, a pact, a handshake, a warm embrace. Forming an alliance means having one single credo and merging energy to allow the appearance of a driving force uniting those who are allied: that driving force is Passion. That is how synergies are formed in which everyone reveals their own personality and makes it available to others, while drawing new vitality from them.

That is how a ‘Dream Team’ is born, Scuderia 1918’s Dream Team, which, following a path in the world of sport, teaches us the importance of discipline, of tenacity, promoting friendship and social inclusion, educating us to become autonomous and responsible, inducing us to be brave and self-confident, imparting the fundamental values of respect, loyalty, moral integrity and – closing the circle – universal love. 

Equestrianism is a privilege of the soul and the heart; it is an incomparable sport, made unique by the rider/horse combination, an alliance, a true and deep passion; it is the Dream Team from which it all begins. The ensemble of all this and the energy that derives from it, as well as the passion that unites us, is what drives the whole of Scuderia 1918’s Dream Team.

Horses make us feel special. We have created an alliance that allows those wishing to join us – and the spirit of Scuderia 1918 – to grow together, starting from here, from this example of union, fusion, unity, perfection and alliance that are horses and by whom we from Scuderia1918 wish to be inspired.

by Susanna Cottica
Managing Director of Cavalli&Cavalieri Magazine

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