Scuderia 1918 Main Sponsor Jumping World Cup in Verona

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the third annual collaboration between Fieracavalli and Scuderia 1918, who will continue to serve as the Main Sponsor of the prestigious Verona Longines FEI Jumping World Cup. This ever-growing partnership demonstrates Scuderia 1918’s commitment to the equestrian world and strengthens its connection with the Fieracavalli community.

Scuderia 1918, renowned as a Racing Team and globally recognized for owning some of the world’s most exceptional horses, has chosen Fieracavalli as the ideal stage to reveal its ambitious initiatives for the coming year.

The passionate founders of Scuderia 1918, Emanuele and Maria Anchisi, share their love for this extraordinary event: “Fieracavalli has a unique atmosphere, there’s something magical about it. The Verona competition is one of the most beautiful indoor competitions in the world, managed by an exceptional team led by Armando Diruzza, who makes us feel at home. That’s why we chose this location to announce the innovations we are launching every year.”

In this 2023 edition, Scuderia 1918 promises to astonish the audience with a series of innovative projects. In 2022, Scuderia 1918 and Fieracavalli brought the Jumpingene project to life, which included sequencing the DNA of the famous horse Scuderia 1918 Viking d’la Rousserie and the launch of the revolutionary Equestrian Metaverse in 2021.

Among the most exciting previews, Scuderia 1918 will announce the opening of the first Stock Exchange dedicated to horses in collaboration with Look Lateral. This groundbreaking tool will allow owners and breeders to sell shares of their horses, which will be tokenized, creating a parallel secondary market similar to that of financial stocks. This initiative promises to revolutionize the equestrian world and offer new opportunities to enthusiasts and investors.

In Verona, visitors will have the opportunity to meet the founders of DVB Pure, a company born in collaboration with Scuderia 1918 with the goal of bringing the world of finance into the equestrian sector. This partnership opens the door to significant capital entering the equestrian sports world, promising substantial benefits for the entire industry.

Another focal point of the event will be the soon-to-be-inaugurated Research & Performance Center of Scuderia 1918 in Italy. This center represents a bridge between the worlds of science and sports, opening new opportunities for research and development in the equestrian field.

The excitement for the event is shared by Marta Tagliaferri, CEO of Scuderia 1918: “Our entire team has worked tirelessly behind the scenes, developing financial and strategic analysis tools for the entire equestrian sector.”

Lastly, to create this press release, Scuderia 1918 has experimented with innovation by collaborating with ChatGPT, the famous artificial intelligence assistant from OpenAI.

Scuderia 1918 is preparing to amaze the public and redefine the future of equestrianism with these extraordinary new developments. For more details and real-time updates, please follow Scuderia 1918 and the event’s official social media. Join us to discover the innovations that will revolutionize the equestrian world!

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