Team U20: A stables day with Giulia Martinengo Marquet

On June 13, members of Scuderia 1918’s Team Under 20 took part in a stables day with Giulia Martinengo Marquet, during which the youngsters were able to get a taste of a typical day of a professional rider and discover the management of a top stable, interacting with the SGH Stables team (groom, stable manager, veterinarian…).

In fact, Scuderia 1918’s “Team Under 20” project provides a training course that focuses on relationships with top riders, professionals, and sponsors, giving to emerging young riders the opportunity to gain experience and visibility in the equestrian world.


Among the day’s opportunities, the youngsters were able to take part in a lesson conducted by athletic trainer Alessandra La Noce (@rider_stability on Instagram): training is a fundamental aspect of any rider’s physical preparation to excel in performance.

With Alessandra, exercises aimed at stimulating coordination, balance and muscle strengthening were performed in order to achieve correct posture, both on horseback and in everyday life.

Sponsors who support the team also spoke on the day.

Kep Italia reminded the riders of the importance of safety on horseback and showed them how Kep helmets are made.

Next, Monica Grasso, owner of Sergio Grasso company, explained to the Team how significant it is to choose the boot correctly, to find proper balance and stability on horseback.

Moreover, for the complete management of a stable, the care of the ground, through the use of the best equipment, is of paramount importance. In this regard, Giulia Martinengo Marquet and SGH Stables have chosen Venieri, a world leader in the field of earthmoving equipment.

To top it off, essential for the consolidation of the group concept and decisive for the achievement of satisfactory results, the students carried out team building activities, aimed at creating empathy and team spirit.


From September 12, 2023, applications for the 2024 team will be open. You will be able to submit your application online at, indicating the best competitive results of the last two years and uploading videos of your presentation and competitions and/or training.

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