Jumping Verona 2023: Highlights

Once again, Fieracavalli has come to an end, bringing along countless emotions.

Italian Champions Tour: 3rd place for Scuderia 1918

Lorenzo De Luca and Giulia Martinengo represented Scuderia 1918 in the final leg of the Italian Champions Tour, achieving spectacular results: Lorenzo, riding the 8-year-old mare Presence Bleue Vdm, secured the first position for three consecutive days. With the invaluable support of Giulia and Capitan Morgan, the team finished third in the final ranking of ICT 2023.

Under-20 team: an important growth experience

The Under 20 Team members participated in Fieracavalli, some in the 125×125: Giulia Nicastri and Gregorio Fumagalli (Bronze 115 category), Emanuele Giordanetti (Silver 125 category), Ferrante Anchisi, Angela Zoccarato, and Mattia Marras (Gold 135 category).

Ferrante Anchisi with Don Flamenco vd Kranenburg claimed the second position in the Gold Final, alongside Daytona della Caccia, a mare owned by Scuderia 1918, which clinched the first place with the rider Matteo Leonardi.

Team members had the opportunity to walk the course of Saturday’s h.150 competition with Kevin Staut

Meet&Greet with Top Team

The Meet & Greet, an eagerly awaited event beloved by fans, filled the hearts of those fortunate enough to meet Giulia, Kevin, and Giampiero. The exchange of experiences, words of encouragement, and autographs made the encounter a magical moment, fueling the passion of fans for the extraordinary Team. And if you want to join the Scuderia 1918 family, don’t hesitate to join the Fan Club to not miss a single moment of this thrilling adventure.

Huge emotions at Longines FEI Jumping World Cup

Fieracavalli concluded with the Grand Prix of the Jumping World Cup, presented by Scuderia 1918, where 4 horses represented the Team: Scuderia 1918 Quick and Easy 3 with Giulia Martinengo, In Time with Kendra Brinkop, Visconti du Telman with Kevin Staut, and Scuderia 1918 Tobago Z with Daniel Deusser (who achieved a magnificent second position in the 155 on Friday, November 10th).


Fieracavalli is not just an event; it’s a unique opportunity to unite passions and ideals. Scuderia 1918’s partners shared this extraordinary experience, solidifying future projects and nurturing the flame of a unique collaboration.

A heartfelt thanks go to Horse&Green, the sole official retailer of Scuderia 1918’s merchandise, and to the sponsors of Team U20: Kep Italia, Sergio Grasso, and Venieri.

Photos by Stefano Secchi

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