Look Lateral and Scuderia 1918 launch the first Stock Exchange dedicated to Equestrian Sports

Equestrian sports are preparing to make a momentous leap with the digitization and democratization of investment in sport horses.

Scuderia 1918 continues its growth by investing in the digitization of horses and collaborating to launch the world’s first Stock Exchange for sport horses.

This initiative, created in partnership with American company Look Lateral, promises to democratize access to equestrian sports and create unprecedented investment opportunities for enthusiasts across the equestrian world.


The project involves tokenizing horses and putting them on a stock exchange, creating a secondary market for horses on par with corporate equities.

As with stocks, those who buy horse shares – in tokens – will be able to trade them at any time on the DEXX.FINANCE platform. 

The shares will also follow the real value of the horse, creating a possibility of profit in case of sale or, in the future, in case of monetization of prizes.

Scuderia 1918 has opened the dances by putting shares in a promising dressage horse known for its incredible performance and athletic qualities, Escapado, now ridden by Italian rider Riccardo Sanavio for the Scuderia 1918 Team, on the digital market.

Tokenization will allow sports fans and investors from around the world to buy shares in the horse. 

The project offers several benefits:

Democratization: The project opens the doors of equestrian riding to a wider audience, allowing sports fans and investors to participate in this fascinating world.

Diversification: Investors will have the opportunity to diversify their portfolios by including unique assets such as horses from equestrian disciplines.

Transparency: The blockchain will provide transparency and traceability of transactions, ensuring that token holders are informed about the horses’ performance.


This ambitious project marks an unprecedented innovation in the world of equestrian riding. The goal is to create an ecosystem where horse lovers can share in the excitement of equestrian competition while benefiting from it. Horse tokenization and sport stock exchange offer new opportunities for involvement, investment, and profit in this fascinating industry. 


DEXX is the leading European platform specializing in the tokenization of alternative assets (both existing and digital native), founded by Look Lateral. Based in Switzerland, it is promoted by a team of leading international experts in investment, law and technology. 

It only takes a few steps to participate: create an account on dexx.finance, deposit funds through a simple wire transfer, and then purchase the number of tokens you wish to own. 

This press release has been issued for informational purposes and does not constitute an investment recommendation. Investments involve risk, and potential investors should conduct their own due diligence before making investment decisions.

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