Thank you Halifax!

Scuderia 1918 Halifax vh Kluizebos in Piazza di Siena for his farewell to competitions

Scuderia 1918 and Lorenzo De Luca announce Scuderia 1918 Halifax vh Kluizebos’ retirement. The farewell ceremony will take place in Piazza di Siena on Saturday 27 May at the end of Prize n. 8 Loro Piana Trophy (Small Grand Prix).

It will be the last time that Lorenzo and Halifax will walk into a competitive arena in front of their fans, on the very field where Halifax was acclaimed ‘King of Rome’ in 2018 after winning the prestigious Rome Grand Prix. On the Saturday, Lorenzo and Halifax will greet all their fans in the oval of Villa Borghese, once again giving Italy moments of unforgettable emotion.

United by an exceptional partnership, the two have created an incomparable combination; with Lorenzo De Luca Halifax’s competitive career has always been growing and reached its peak in 2017 with placing at the top of the WBFSH/FEI 2016-2017 horse ranking and later with the victory of the Rome Grand Prix in 2018, great achievement also for the Italian equestrian tradition. It will therefore be Piazza di Siena to pay his respects and deliver to history a great champion who will remain in the hearts of all those who have followed him in recent years! Happy life Halifax!

“The first time I sat on Halifax I immediately understood I was riding a very special and unique horse. An incredible feeling! A special horse, happy, exuberant, incredibly careful, elastic, with an incredible personality.

It has been an honour riding such a horse! Not just for success we had but also for his personality, bravery and determination. I feel this is the horse that defined me, I could almost see myself in him, and maybe he found in me his ideal partner; I’ve always let him enjoy his time off in-between competitions, let him have fun and respect his playful moments after his amazing results at shows; I have always let him express himself and allowed him to show his exuberant temperament. He is playful and exuberant at home, and a great champion in the show ring. Now Halifax has the chance to pass on his extraordinary qualities to his offspring.

Thank you Halifax!”.

Lorenzo De Luca

Emanuele Anchisi patron of Scuderia 1918 and owner of Halifax: “Scuderia 1918 Halifax van het Kluizebos was the first great horse to join the Scuderia 1918 Team and, together with Lorenzo, he marked the beginning of our Racing Team. It was a great honour for us to be part of the career of this extraordinary partnership. From today, Halifax will start his career as a stallion at Groupe France Elevage. Halifax has proven to be a great sire and we will certainly see many of his offspring at the highest-level competitions in the future!”.

Scuderia 1918 Halifax van het Kluizebos (BWP 2007 Heartbreaker x Fetiche du Pas) is by Heartbreaker, one of the stallions that made the history of the modern sport horse, and Dalida vd Heffinck who carries the blood of the great stallions Fetiche du Pas and Darco, and is also dam of two young stallions: Sir Halifax de W&S and Cha Cha-H.

Halifax is by far one of Heartbreaker’s best offspring. Belgium’s champion at the age of six, he has achieved 15 international victories in his career, among which, the Rome Grand Prix. At Grand Prix level he placed second in Windsor, third in Mechelen, fourth in Brussels and fourth again in the World Cup in Verona and Helsinki.

Scuderia 1918 Halifax van het Kluizebos is approved in the studbooks of BWP, Holstein, KWPN, OS, sBs, Selle Français, Sella Italiano.

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