2023 Italian Senior Jumping Championships, view the gallery

From April 20 to 23, the Italian Senior Jumping Championships were held in the historic field Le Siepi Cervia.

Giulia Martinengo and Piergiorgio Bucci competed with Coynor (Giulia) and Cochello (Piergiorgio).

Giulia Martinengo Marquet and Coynor

After an excellent first day (2nd place for Giulia and Coynor, and 1 penalty for Piergiorgio and Cochello), unfortunately in the second round the two pairs had some difficulties.

But talent, perseverance and horsemanship are shown in these moments, where the two Riders reserved beautiful words for their horses:

“Thank you Coynor, pairing and experience are the only things you lack at this level! Proud of the horse you are.”

Giulia Martinengo Marquet
@giuliamartinengomarquet Instagram post

“Some good moments of the Italian Championship 2023: I am so proud of my horse Cochello and all the hard work we have put in together.”

Piergiorgio Bucci
@piergiorgiobucci Instagram post

View the Gallery:

Photos by Sergio Isler (@sergio_isler)

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