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Scuderia 1918 and FISE together on digital innovation, gamification and new communication frontiers in equestrian sports.

It is innovative, it is avantgarde in virtual technology and it is continuously evolving. In recent months we have all heard about the Metaverse, but what does that mean nowadays? 

Metaverse means a digital world destined to host shared experiences so as to revolutionise the world of gaming, of social networks and entertainment through the blockchain, where games and real-life merge in an interactive scenario with incredible yet to be explored potential. All users, through their own avatars, can establish relationships and friendships and create virtual communities, hence groups of people who share the same interests. 

The Metaverse represents an innovative marketing means for enhancing the community’s engagement and increase awareness through gamification. These are no longer just static contents but online and offline experiences in which the user becomes the lead player interacting and playing directly with the brand.

It is a universe made of various planets in which in November 2021 Scuderia 1918 decided to create the first equestrian Metaverse. A land in which the team’s community can meet, attend exclusive events with top riders, play and come into direct contact with the champions of this wonderful and unique sport in which the leading players are the horses. It provides an opportunity to get to know them and share one’s own experiences with horse lovers from all over the world.

Scuderia 1918 hosts the Piazza di Siena Metaverse

At the famous Roman horse show, Scuderia 1918 signs a partnership with the FISE (Italian Equestrian Sports Federation) and Sport e Salute, hosting Piazza di Siena 2022 in its land. It is a Metaverse with at its centre the historical grass oval in which it will be possible to watch the entire show in live streaming, take part in a real treasure hunt with wonderful prizes and also compete in a Quiz on the show’s history. The person who is the quickest to answer will win unique Scuderia 1918 experiences and products. 

There will be a corner of Piazza di Siena reserved to e-sport and the Metaverse of the equestrian world.

This corner will include: 

– One or more PC posts with direct access to the Piazza di Siena Metaverse in The Nemesis platform. 

– An iPad post in which it will be possible to test oneself in e-sports using the 

Equestrian videogame, which is the FEI’s official game.

Live streaming

The 2022 edition of the Rome CSIO – Piazza di Siena will be broadcast in streaming within the Piazza di Siena Metaverse on The Nemesis platform. 

At Piazza di Siena, Scuderia 1918’s Team will play a leading role in an innovative competitive event, the TOP FIVE SCUDERIA 1918 MASTER SPORT 2022 FINAL, a competition that opens its doors to sport at all levels and ages, from top riders to amateurs, seniors to juniors, in the name of ‘sport of everyone.

Scuderia 1918 will also compete in the Italian Champions Tour with riders from its top team.

The Top Five Scuderia 1918 Master Sport 2022 Final

This is a special class that includes horse and riders of all levels and ages that have deserved a place on the team by finishing high up in the ranking of the selection classes to then compete in the finals led by a Top Rider from Scuderia 1918. With this innovative event, Scuderia 1918 intends to celebrate sport, emphasising the TEAM concept. In recent years we have in fact been seeing significant growth by Scuderia 1918, a project that is revolutionising our sport. 

Master Sport 2022

The programme for national classes at the Roman show includes the Master Sport 2022, a series reserved to riders having the Brevetto, 1st and 2nd level Junior and Senior licences. The series is divided into three different levels

The Bronze category 1.15m

The Silver category 1.25 m

The Gold category 1.35 m.

Qualifications for the Master will be held at the Galoppatoio arena on Thursday 26th, Friday 27th and Saturday May 28th.  The first 5 horse and rider combinations classified in each series will qualify for the Top Five Scuderia 1918 Final, a team class that will be held on Sunday May 29th in the Piazza di Siena oval. At the end of the third class (on Saturday) there will be draw to establish the 5 teams competing in the Finale (3 combinations per team + one Top Rider from Scuderia 1918).

Top Five Scuderia 1918 Final

Class with 5 teams of 4 riders competing respectively over courses measuring 1.15m, 1.25m, 1.35m, 1.45m. 

Teams will consist of 3 horse and rider combinations from Master Sport captained by a Top Rider from Team Scuderia 1918

The combinations in each team with jump following the order of height for each category: 1.15m, 1.25m, 1.35m, Top Riders 1.45m.

Format for the Top Five Scuderia 1918 Final class

– course A: Table A 1.15m reserved to best 5 riders in the Master Sport Bronze 

– course B: Table A 1.25m reserved to best 5 riders in the Master Sport Silver 

– course C: Table A 1.35m reserved to best 5 riders in the Master Sport Gold

– course D: Speed class 1.45m reserved to 5 Top Riders from Team Scuderia 1918. 

Placements will be decided on the basis of total penalties accumulated by the 4 riders on the team and the time achieved by the TOP RIDER.

The 5 Top Riders for the Top Five Scuderia 1918 Final:

– Piergiorgio Bucci

– Lorenzo De Luca

– Giulia Martinengo Marquet

– Kevin Staut

– Alberto Zorzi

This event and all special contents are available on the Piazza di Siena Metaverse

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