Viking’s World Champion Project

The Project

After the injury that forced Kevin and Viking to miss the Tokyo Olympics, they are back and stronger than ever! They have devoted themselves heart and soul to rehabilitation and their chemistry has strengthened to the point at which they are ready to aim very, very high.  

The objective is to excel at the Herning World Championships next August.

Viking and Kevin need all your support more than ever as well as all the positive energy that comes from you as one of his fans!     

This has resulted in a project in which you too can play a leading role and give a helping hand to achieve this ambitious goal. 

Our sport has become extremely competitive and the role played by fans like you is an essential one.

We will be stronger together. And together we will win.

If you want to join the Fan Club dedicated to these two champions, go to the bottom of this page and click on “Join the Fan Club and support the project” to share this magnificent adventure with us!


What does being part of the Telegram channel mean?

Being part of the Telegram channel means having a direct means of communication with the Scuderia 1918 team and with the whole community receiving updates, photos, videos and exclusive promotions. You will be able to talk directly to Scuderia 1918 proposing initiatives or participating actively in strategic decisions.

What are the SCU1918 Fan Tokens?

SCU1918s are Scuderia 1918’s Fan Tokens, tokens that allow you to play an active role in decisions and give you exclusive access to products or events. The SCU1918 will also be the reference token for the equestrian metaverse  https://thenemesis/io/@scuderia1918

What is the capsule collection?

The Capsule Collection consists in articles created and produced with Kevin Staut exclusively for this particular project. Both the T-shirt for the gold pack and the sweatshirt for the platinum pack platinum will have Kevin Staut’s autograph.

When will I receive the capsule collection?

Once you have bought it you will receive the Capsule Collection within 30 days.

Can I choose a size for the Capsule Collection?

Of course and as soon as the order is completed you will receive an email you can answer stating your size.

What is the live event organised with Kevin and Viking?

The event will be organised according to the fans’ needs and will be an event held in his stable by Kevin Staut or a special invitation to a show in which Viking and Kevin are competing or many other opportunities that we will decide on together with the fans in our community who choose the Platinum pack.

Viking’s World Champion Project Packs

Buy your favourite package on our Team Shop at the “Viking’s World Champion Project” page to enjoy this wonderful adventure with us!

Join the Fan Club and support the project