Research & Development: sport innovation

Scuderia 1918 wants to be in the lead as far as evolution and innovation are concerned in our sport with expanding objectives.

 Through research, innovation, the study and development of specific technology is aimed at improving the sporting and competitive qualities of both athletes and horses so as to achieve a beautiful and highly qualified level of equestrianism. It is a renewal that based on ethical and etiological principles linked to the horse’s nature, perfect the intimate relationships there is between human beings and horses, the most precious and intimate aspect of equestrianism. 

The Research & Development section will be presented in Fieracavalli Verona 2022 in the Hall 7. Scuderia 1918’s partners: Sony e Alogo (AI e IOT), EquiData (statistic), Addestramento Etologico (training programs) e Università di Verona (genetic).


Alogo technology is recording the whole movement of the horse (during its strides and jumps), collecting the following data:

  • A GPS Path mapping view
  • The height and length of each stride and jump
  • The regularity of the strides and jumps
  • The jump trajectories (Which allows you to observe your horse’s jumping technic in detail)
  • The cadence in stride / min and speed for each stride and jump
  • A whole analysis of the horse balance for each stride and jump
  • and more…

“We are revolutionizing equestrian sports. Today, video is widely used to analyze the performance of athletes and teams, but for equestrian sports, this is not done as accurately as what we offer with Alogo Move Pro. We do not want to replace a trainer or a veterinarian, nort to replace the feeling of the riders which is essential. We propose an innovative solution designed to accompany athletes in the measurement and management of each horse on a daily basis, in competition and especially to avoid the risk of injury”David Deillon, Founder and CEO



Addestramento Etologico is

developing a mental training programme for young horses – from foals to 3-year-olds – so as to prepare them for their sports careers with their riders through mental exercises. 

The programme is one of the projects organised by the Centre for Research and Development, which studies new communication methodologies to be applied to the training of sports horses.

Nowadays, on most stud farms, from the moment they are born until they start to be ridden horses are kept in environments without stimuli and little interaction with human beings. This results in neglecting the period during which horses learn the most, which starts during the first months of their lives and continues until they are between the age of two and three. That is the timeframe that should absolutely be exploited (mentally of course and certainly not physically) for building the foundations of their future sporting careers.

For example, experiencing training in a positive manner as well as having a good relationship with human beings, their approach to jumps, developing curiosity and problem-solving capabilities results in preparing horses to more calmly and willingly accept what their future lives will bring. One must consider specifically that certain ways of breeding still used today (for example always putting all foals out together in totally flat paddocks, with no stimuli or problems) makes horses insecure and unprepared to face other difficulties that they will no doubt come across during their sporting careers.

Scientific research has shown that 3 out of 10 foals do not reach adulthood ready to perform the activities for which they were bred. This problem is clearly attributable to a lack of individual interpretation of the horse and a lack of ability to create an individual training plan.

Standardised training for each foal is a limitation to the development and discovery of a horse’s true potential.

For this reason, knowledge of horse ethology with a proven scientific basis becomes necessary. Knowing, understanding and being capable of using the real rules of equine learning theories becomes the added value in order to be able to enhance a horse’s qualities and help it overcome its difficulties during its growth and throughout its life.


Discover all Scuderia 1918’s partners in Fieracavalli Verona 2022!

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