Scuderia 1918 and the YRA: the value of meritocracy.

Partnership, meritocracy and values: the starting point of a project involving Team Scuderia 1918 and the YRA.

There are many talented young people in search of opportunities in the world of sport and also experts in search of talented youngsters filled with passion. When the two meet amidst over seven billion people, it marks the beginning of a match that may last a lifetime.

Teams are created based on shared values that lead to synergy, passion and commitment.

In the course of our sporting activities we learned about the Young Riders Academy, which selects and provides 360° training for young talented riders. The YRA is now considered an extremely successful initiative in the equestrian world. For the moment 64 young athletes have been trained and many of them have already won national and European medals. In addition to its technical sports programme, the YRA provides professional training in the fields of communication, economics, veterinary science and legal aspects linked to show jumping, with the objective of forming future champions as well as potential managers in this sport.

But the yardstick used to choose these riders is only one: meritocracy.

Meritocracy also exists in equestrian sports. If one has talent and is committed, it is possible to achieve placings and positions one had never expected. We have two clear examples of this in Team Scuderia 1918: Lorenzo De Luca and Pietro Grandis.
Read the article about Pietro Grandis.

“This sport is a great challenge, but life itself is a challenge, you have to fight everyday to make your dreams come true”
– Lorenzo De Luca

Our agreement with the YRA is a great deal more than sponsorship; it is instead a partnership founded on shared values with a significant impact not only on individual riders but also on the equestrian system.

Special thanks also go to our partners Kep Italia and Tech Stirrups, companies that have contributed to making this project even more important by providing the technical material needed for this cooperation.

This is the starting point for cooperation open to future projects.

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