Giampiero Garofalo




Date of Birth:

14 / 05 /1994


Grand Prix, Scuderia 1918 Feel Good Chance


Show Jumping


Giampiero Garofalo was born May 14, 1994, in Naples, where his father Paolo’s stable was also located.
He now lives and works in Lommel, Belgium, where he runs a stable with girlfriend Lisa Nooren, daughter of the great Dutch trainer Henk Nooren.

Giampiero has been a “Aviere Scelto” at the Italian Air Force Sports Center since 2015.

In 2017 he was part of the Young Riders Academy program.

"The strength of the other competitors does not intimidate meit charges and motivates me"

—Giampiero Garofalo

Top Results

1st place at Italian Senior Championship (2023)

con Max Van Lentz Schrans

2° place with Team Italy, Nations Cup at Piazza di Siena (2023)

con Max Van Lentz Schrans

1° place, Italian Champions Tour at Piazza di Siena (2023)

con Joriska