, Q&A with Lorenzo De Luca

Q&A with Lorenzo De Luca

No presentation needed for Lorenzo De Luca, rider for Italian Air Force and part of Scuderia 1918’s team.

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Which horse you have more feeling with? 

I was lucky enough to ride very good horses. The ones that are really special to me are Scuderia 1918 Halifax, Ensor, Armitages Boy e Limestone. 

Is it better to buy an easy, ready horse or to build a relationship with an ambitious one? 

I think the best way is to bring up a special young horse. 

Do you longe your horses weekly? If so, how? 

I do longe sometimes. I like to longe just with a head collar, a Pessoa or a double longe. It depends on what I think the horse needs. 

How are you spending this quarantine?

I am lucky, I can ride every day. Except for not having the possibility to compete, my day is similar to those I usually live. My horses have less work than usual and mostly we go out for walks in a forest near the stables. 

, Q&A with Lorenzo De Luca

How did you start your career?  

Well, this is a long story! You have to work hard, have a great passion for horses and for this lifestyle. 

How do you train your horses? Is it better to do high jumps just during competitions or at home as well? 

Now I am doing gymnastics twice a week. I never jump at home with 5* horses, but sometimes I do it with my 8 or 9 years old horses. I do not want to surprise them during shows. 

Which character trait you believe its best for a horse to have?

I love to ride any type of horse. I think it is very challenging for us as riders to find the key to each horse. 

How do you prepare the horse during training before jumping? 

Before I start jumping I try to have my horses decontracted as much as possible. Many transitions, work on two tracks, flatwork. 

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