Don Flamenco VD Kranenburg


Show Jumping

Birth Year:


Gender and Colour:

Gelding, Chestnut


Lorenzo De Luca


Don Flamenco is an 11-year-old horse, ridden by Lorenzo De Luca. Together they form an energetic and close-knit pair.  Fighting spirit, competitive nature and motivation. These are the three main features that make him a star.

He is able to handle stress well, thanks also to the care and attention from his rider, who knows perfectly well when it is time to push him to overcome his limits and when it is time to give him a break.

“At vero eos et accu samus et iusto odio dignis simos duck mus qui blan ditiis praes entium.”

— His Groom

Top Results

4° Place, Knokke

2° Place, Bonheiden