Santi Serra Camps




Birth Date:

25 / 07 / 1988




Artist & Showman


An unusual artist who manages to establish a truly unique relationship with his animals. Santi has an extraordinary ability to enter into symbiosis with them, getting them to perform acrobatics in total freedom and leaving their nature untouched.

He inherited his love for animals, but his sensitivity developed over time. His career was triggered by a dream, in which Santi imagined horses behaving like dogs: sitting, lying down, obeying his voice. Thanks to this dream, he began to study horses.

"My goal is for the horse to feel free, to keep intact its nature, to have fun, to play, and to feel happy and joyful"

—Santi Serra Camps.

His first horse, Kyfruc, was his first teacher. Santi understood that to bring various animals to perform together, the trick is to lead them, making sure that they feel protected and safe.

Every show demonstrates that without mistreatment, but instead with well-being, you can do anything with animals.

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