Jaguar, from Giulia Martinengo to Alberto Zorzi

Jaguar, a horse owned by Racing Team Scuderia 1918, has now arrived at Alberto Zorzi’s stables.

Jaguar, gelding born in 2013 – HSH Hungarian Sport Horse Studbook – by Odermus and Nissan Sara by Stauffenberg

Ridden by Giulia Martinengo Marquet since 2020, Jaguar has shown constant and progressive progress, starting in shows reserved to young horses and then in 3* and 4* CSIs in 1.50m classes. Jaguar is proving to be a horse of great quality and potential as seen in his result with an extraordinary number of clear rounds.

“Jaguar has shown great quality and continues to make progress having always done well from the very beginning. I would like to take this opportunity to give Gianluigi and Luca Merisio credit for showing him to us”


Teamwork is the fil rouge on which the Racing Team Scuderia 1918 is founded, and as decided by Sports Manager Stefano Cesaretto, Jaguar is now leaving Giulia Martinengo Marquet to be ridden by another member of the team, Alberto Zorzi.

 “Together with Alberto we have travelled extensively abroad without finding a horse that convinced us. In the meantime Jaguar had started to attract attention on the foreign market thanks to his qualities and positivity. So, in the end, we reached a decision within the team to entrust him to Alberto”


Racing Team Scuderia 1918 is becoming larger and stronger thanks to the cooperation and farsightedness of its riders, who share the progressive growth of the team’s horses in view of their sporting careers. The team’s spirit consists in every athlete making available his/her technical expertise and experience with everything merging in the planning of a specific sports career for each horse.

Working effectively together is the team’s spirit.

“Jaguar is a very modern horse with great potential. He is very respectful and also quite easy. I am already at ease with him although we will have to get to know and understand one another slowly over time. I will work very hard to form a partnership with him and allow him to express his potential. We will do our very best to obtain good results, in fact I hope excellent ones! I am really delighted that after Ludvig, Hopkins and Daytona, Jaguar too has been entrusted to me. I believe deeply in the work our team does and am extremely happy to be part of it”


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