The new Scuderia 1918 and Kep Italia U20 Team

As known, when youngsters get an idea it becomes very hard to get them to change their minds. They are stubborn, determined, and also have a touch of that not very hidden cheek that, when well-directed, can at times turn into a competitive advantage.

They feel everything more intensely. They live in the Middle Kingdom that separates the children they were from the adults they will become. They are in search of someone who will provide with an opportunity to prove who they are and what they are worth of.

It is for this reason that together with Kep Italia we have decided to form a team of young riders Under 20 selected on the basis of their sporting capabilities.

«We believe the meritocratic aspect is not always considered a priority in this sport. With this project we want to give six young Italians motivated by passion and will power a chance to become members of our special team, providing them with a unique experience»
Emanuele Anchisi

These will be six youngsters who have their talent as the starting point from which they will build their commitment, passion and team work. We will give them a chance to compete in the legs of the Italian Champions Tour as well as sponsoring their coaching for a year, supporting them at every moment of this challenge.

Why? Because we have confidence in the young and want to give them a chance to test themselves at important shows. Because we want to create a team based on the solid values of excellence, respect and team spirit. Because we wish to leave a legacy, that of a meritocratic sport founded on solid values.

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